When looking to book a photographer price is a key factor, however, I believe that it is more important to get the photographer that is right for you. For that reason I have removed my pricing information from my website.

Choosing a photographer can be an extremely difficult decision, after all you are trusting them to capture the moments of your special day, your newborn baby, your family, whatever the occasion may be. I do not believe that pricing should dictate which photographer you can or cannot book. If you’ve been looking into booking Final Frame Photos and believe that I am the photographer for you, then please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail (utilize the form below). Working with budgets is what I like to do and if you want me as your photographer, I will do whatever possible to make that the case.

Everyone has a different level of investment that they are comfortable with so let me know what type of session you are looking for as well as where, a few dates that work for you and what you are looking to spend. I’ll get back to you with a personalized quote within 48 hours.

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*Please note if what you’re willing to spend is greater then that of what I generally charge, I will go with what I generally charge.