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Need of Family Photos?

November 30, 2014

Here’s what you need to know for getting your family photos updated:

  • Make sure it fits everyone schedules.

This gets harder as people grow up and begin to have lives of their own. Ensuring family photos take place on a day everyone is free (for more than an hour), will allow for quality family time and certain family members not becoming stressed if there is a time crunch. Sometimes this means holidays are a great time to take advantage of everyone being home to get those updated family photos, just make sure it works out for your photographer as well. If there are little ones in the group make sure it fits around nap times and feeding schedules so that everyone is happy and content.

  • Coordinate

It is important look like you are all part of the same family. Having everyone in the same colour family avoids the common 90’s all denim look while still looking put together and doesn’t have anyone standing out drastically with neon colours. Along side with this if you plan on wearing patterns, stick to a couple different ones rather than everyone wearing different patterns. Patterns are a great way to add variety and different colours into outfits, however, do not go over board.

Here’s a great example of what to not wear:

Brenda's Family-248


*Note how I (in the pink) stand out with everyone wearing else wearing blues and tans? In all fairness this was an impromptu pre-thanksgiving dinner photo so there was no outfit planning. But aren’t my grandparents adorable?

And what to wear:

M Family


*Note how everyone is in blues and greys with a hint of red, the colours bring the family together without looking excessively matchy-matchy. Perfect colour coordination for families. 

  • Have a Plan

Do you want posed family photos or more natural ones? It is important to be on the same page as your photographer. If you’re looking for more natural family photos of capturing moments rather than set up group shots, consider hiring someone who specializes in lifestyle photography or a photographer that is willing to work with your ideas (often someone who is starting out is more apt to listen to your ideas).

  • Pretend you like each other

Okay, for some families you don’t have to pretend. When it comes to taking the photographs don’t be stiff, try to relax and be comfortable, after all you are stuck with these people forever might as well try to like them.

Those are the top four things to keep in mind when planning family photos. So call up your parents and siblings and get those 90’s family photos updated!